02 December 2009

This time of year the studio starts getting stacked up with finished pots, pots that didn't quite work out, freshly thrown ware, dried work and general clay mess. Tea mugs and wine glasses and snack plates don't make it back to the kitchen at the end of the day.

Slop buckets get backed up as I fall behind with clay recycling and this is the season for knocking things over in the shop because it's just too cluttered.

I also notice that the stacks of misc. in the house get bigger and dishes linger near the sink longer. This morning I realized that I have subconsciously been avoiding work emails and phone messages..hmmmm. I am a firm believer that chaos breeds more chaos, like a bad virus.

So..back to scheduling 101 for the next 3 weeks. Get the monkey off my back and the boxes that I "cleaned" out of the closet either back into the closet or off to the goodwill. I straightened up in the studio yesterday for an hour and got my floor clean the way I like it. I work better when I'm not surrounded by mess but that is difficult right now.

I adore the holiday season in general but work wise it can make me a little nauseous.

May the force be with all of you "makers of things" with orders to fill and shelves to stock.


  1. LOL... gosh your shop looks neat and clean compared to mine...

  2. oh, I understand. the 'makers' mess and how good it feels to straighten up again so you can create more.

    i heart your studio.. your chair and woodstove and all you make. lovely heidi.