11 November 2009

crocks r us

I'm loving the crock/giant vase making. I do have to pay close attention in order to get the handles on before the rims dry out but they seem to have survived. I hope to put some of these in my etsy shop if anyone is interested. I seem to be having a difficult time keeping the store up to date and stocked with pictures and descriptions. ...it's been added to the list.

Holiday production is under way as well as wedding registry roundup. I also took my first wholesale order yesterday which seems like it will work out well. It's just 48 mugs for a local coffee roaster to sell at their 4 valley locations so nothing crazy. They will let me put my business cards in the mugs so that will be great. Now, to get them made asap.

I also made an urn for my Grandma Betty who passed away on Friday. I'm so happy to be able to do this for her. I would love to keep a nice selection of cremation urns available. The funeral homes just take grieving folks for a ride with their selection....ridiculously overpriced.

I'm off to glaze pots for the day and grind shelves from the last firing and mix up new glazes. I hope to fire on Sunday and then again on Thursday.


  1. I love those crocks! I think at some point I'd like to put an order in for some kitchenware...just have to figure out what I want exactly!

    How nice you made the urn for Grandma Betty. A true honor indeed. Mom made one for her best friend that was like a second mother to her...I know she felt honored to do that for her.

  2. My Grandma passed away on Halloween - I definitely would have gotten an urn of yours before the service!