29 December 2009

guests in the shop

I often throw out an invitation to those people who express an interest in making something out of clay. not necessarily coming up for "lessons"...just a simple project they had in mind.

a couple of weeks ago while working at the bookstore with my friend greer...i commented on her clay pendant and then carried on to say that if she was interested in making them...it could be a pretty simple project. being 23...done with college, light on the domestic obligations and pretty ambitious.. she got right to work.

instead of using my stamps/texture objects...she borrowed my lino cutter and picked up some pink erasers and after querying her friends about their 'spirit animals' proceeded to carve a load of beautiful rubber stamps.

when she arrived here...we rolled out a slab and she got to work....and did a mighty fine job.

it's always fun and a little strange to have someone in the shop working alongside me. how nice to be able to chat a bit with a person instead of the dogs. i usually have on just music or a book on tape or a tv show. leif rarely visits the studio for more than a few minutes...i'm not sure why. i'm considering removing a work table and putting in a small couch but that might facilitate entirely too much relaxing and cat nap taking and daydreaming. we'll see.


  1. You are a fun soul, my friend. I've been thinking of you, hoping you had a wonderful Christmas, with many remembered times with Grandma Betty and many new memories created. Wishing you and Leif a very Happy New Year...

    PS: I'll be over next week, with coffee. :)

  2. Hello Heidi!

    Ann Summers ...now Ann Douglas (an entire 12 days) here. I have a set of pottery you made for me in 2001...green with "words". My new husband, Steve, was commenting how much he liked it and I was telling him about how I came to have it made and who you were. Found your website and then this blog and wanted to say hello.

    I blog at http://www.fromthefrontporch.com

    Hope your Christmas was beautiful and best, best wishes for a good 2010!

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