13 March 2009


hmmmmm....when i created this blog after dinner, i hadn't considered that i would actually have to write in my semi-catatonic, post curry and rice, end of the day state of mind but this blank box is crying out to be filled.

my intent with this endeavor is to give people a glimpse into my life....the good, the bad, etc. i imagine it to be clay centered with the occasional rant and tangent...sometimes i just can't help myself.

tonight i'm going to deal with yesterday's mugs (trim and handle) and mix up a new trailing slip. i've dabbled with slip before but saw a woman (gracesheese.etsy.com) trailing slip so elegantly it inspired me to give it a shot at cone 10 with my new porcelain pots. i'll keep you updated. i'm just going to use my clay body with a little borax to help adhesion. i am usually in my shop at night...especially on a gorgeous day like today where it finally got well out of the 20's. snowblowing, shoveling, walking the dogs and cleaning around my kiln took up a fair part of my afternoon. west glacier is not the hotbed of timely seasonal transitions....it's been 30 degrees below normal for quite a stretch.

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