14 March 2009

16 degrees and rising....gotta love march in montana.

i'm off to the bookstore for the day...i work on saturdays and have done so for over a decade now. i also rent retail space from her and conduct a fair amount of business there. after being quite alone all week, it is refreshing to visit with people and get in my lunch walk about town.

inventory at the store is lowish right now as the transition from electric firing to gas has taking much longer than i anticipated....shocking, right? i'm nearly there but have a few lingering orders that need to be finished. also....still having a lot of crazing/glaze issues with the high fire work and too many pots are going straight to the dump. after working in clay for this long...i'm not easily discouraged but it is difficult to see empty shelves and know that i've made the pots...they just didn't survive the kiln. i'm only 2 firings in and the learning curve is steep but i've got hope. mostly i need to slow down and not hurry the process (story of my life).

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