18 March 2009

today, i finished carving a dozen totem beads....i had forgotten how enjoyable it is to just sit and 'doodle' . i really need to get a bunch of beads and totem elements going before spring has sprung here and i'm behind....(or more behind.) my dear friend susan taught me most of what i know about handbuilding and i've been dabbling for about 3 years. i had really put myself into a box prior to meeting her...for some reason i had convinced myself that i only worked on the wheel. she really woke me up to what great fun you can have with a slab roller. below is a picture of a smallish bird bath totem.

i talked to the archie bray foundation about my short clay and he didn't really have a ton of information other than it was probably tired and i should pug it with some fresh clay. it ended up throwing o.k. but i was reminded that hardish clay is really not the best choice for a 20 pound bowl.. i ordered yet more cone 6 clay this morning so that i can get through the tail end of my special orders. every time i think i've placed my last order for cone 6, i end up having to do it just 'one more time' .


  1. I'm in love with those beads...carving...what a great idea.

  2. This post made me smile......reminded me of Susan. Heidi, gorgeous work!~

    (God, I must seem like a stalker by now....it's cold, rainy and blustery today in NE Indiana and I'm firing a new kiln so basically just sitting around looking at the internet keeping a close eye on it...and I found your name/blog/website on google....I promise I am not a stalker!).