12 July 2009

where's my posse?

i have really just begun to discover the amazing blogosphere that is out there. i especially enjoy the writing of other artists and getting a glimpse of their everyday lives in the studio. it is so refreshing hear of their struggles and successes and to know that i am not alone in this world of 'clay as a career'.

i live in the sticks....which i adore and enjoy working alone. our 'urban area' is a valley that includes more than 4 towns and a population of less than 60,000. i love living here, it is where i grew up and where i am most comfortable but i must say.....i totally miss having a clay posse of my own. i am soo jealous of the clay folk that live near other clay folk that they enjoy. i most often travel to meet up with my potter people....portland or minnesota. fyi..that's really far. the internet has lessened my isolation but i dream of having a regular gang of clay friends that hang out and offer critiques and good creative energy, and endless technical discussions about glaze chemistry and kilnbuilding.

there are some lovely artists here but i have just not found more than 1 or 2 that are really in the same space as i am...and it seems like people are just so busy. david shaner worked down the road from me (35 miles or so) and i've heard stories of their potter's coffee hour...i just missed out by a couple decades or so.....what a treat that would have been.

i'm going to do my best to start gathering what flock i can find and start handing out potter posse badges...



  1. i would love to be a part of your posse...if only i had more expertise to add to the pot!! no pun intended. he he

  2. thanks pam...you're welcome anytime...if only we lived in the same state :)