14 July 2009

missing bowls

bowls are probably the form i enjoy making most. they are also the best selling item (next to mugs) and especially big ones this time of year for wedding gifts. i have not been making too many of for the past 2 months or so because i just haven't felt like i've found a great liner glaze for this porcelain. most of my glazes are crazing and i must say.....not a fan.

the celedon and yellow salt are hanging in there pretty well after more silica and now the shaner's clear should be another option. anywhichway...i'm back on the bowls and couldn't be happier.

the cakestand adventure continues and they are improving. wider bases and stoneware instead of porcelain. they're enjoyable and easyish to make. they just take forever to dry.

these are totem birdbaths waiting for the bisque fire. i've sold 3 totems this month which is great. i need to crank out a ton of beads and other components before the summer slips away.

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