10 September 2010

working when it's cold

i've heard rumor that it is still hot in parts of the country, but montana...not so much. fall is in the air and although refreshing...can make getting into the shop at night a touch difficult. i hate being cold and am not in the mood (or awake enough) to start a fire. beginning the work day at 5pm (other commitments all day) is tough enough but if it's cold out there....forget it. summer nights are light until 10pm but now it's dark by 8, sigh. tomorrow is a bookstore day (thursdays and saturdays) so my casseroles will have to wait for their bottoms to be rolled and attached.

soon the hose will have to be put away which is a sad day for me. all you heat wave folk...send it our way when you're done with it.



  1. someone flipped the switch in Ohio!
    59 this morning...... but sun
    tomatoes are still on the vine but their days are numbered
    find myself wandering to the studio by 10 am instead of 7 am......
    after a summer of tap dancing on the sun the cooler temps are welcome.
    I say we shoot for 70's! I would love the studio in the 70's!!
    Rock on potter girl :-)

  2. yep, i have started carrying warm water out to throw with! and plugged in the electric space heater...and open the windows to let the warm air in once the sun is up and shining...keep it up heidi, you are a mentor for me!

  3. right there with you.. just a few miles away:)