01 April 2009

waiting for spring...

so....it's still totally winter here and other than being darn tired of gray skies and continuing snow...i'm getting into spring production. april and may are busy clay months for me...getting summer inventory started and into stores. i like to work under pressure and deadlines....i get more done that way but it is a relief to get shelves stocked and ready for visitors. i have an account with a great gift shop in Glacier Park, the Montana House, and she will take as much as i can get to her. i'm in 2 co-ops and have my own retail space to stock in whitefish. i sell to tourists and locals equally and am now selling online (heidihaugen.etsy.com) as well and between the three, continue to move pots out the door.

i also have a gallery show with 4 other women that opens the 7 of may. i have big ideas but not an excess of time, especially since i'm new to porcelain and gas firing....we'll see what comes out. i'm planning on working big....i feel like i haven't really pursued 'big' pieces other than special orders and would like to see where that takes my work.
i tweaked my back while snowblowing last week (don't run over a blanket with the snowblower and then yank it really hard to remove it). my back is a lingering issue for me but when it's out, it is a painful reminder of how much a potter uses her body in the shop and how limiting it can be when something hurts. it's getting better though and fortunately it doesn't hurt to throw....just loading the kiln and moving clay.

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